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Fogo 01 range in white, terracotta, sand, black and anthracite colors


UHPFRC (Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete), Ductal®, is a registered trademark of the Lafarge group. It is a concrete produced from recycled aggregates, enriched with organic fiber. Our facade and our heating core are made of BFUHP.

It has excellent thermal inertia allowing it to store a significant quantity of heat and release it as comfortably as possible (similar to marble) and an infinite possibility of customization. Color*, shape, pattern can be personalized.

*The pigments used are of natural origin

Graphene is an isotropic of carbon, like diamond. It is a layer of carbon atom in a hexagonal structure. Graphene comes from graphite, the material that makes up pencil leads.

Its structure gives it records for mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. 

In our application, graphene brings our heating core up to temperature.

Structural photo of graphene


Linear visual of the electronic card of Fogo products

Embedded systems

We have designed our products so that they are the most sustainable, both in terms of the choice of materials and the choice of on-board technologies.

Our radiators communicate via WIFI, Thread® or even Bluetooth® to guarantee its use regardless of your use. We anticipated the arrival of Matter® to allow it to integrate into your environment and home automation installation.

Intelligent capture of Fogo thanks to its sensor

Advanced technology

Our solutions are equipped with the latest generation sensors coupled with our machine learning to best manage your needs as well as your unforeseen events.

Our solutions are equipped with an intelligent presence sensor that is not triggered when a pet passes by. As well as several onboard temperature sensors, a humidity sensor and an air quality sensor to guarantee optimal interior comfort.

Fogo mobile application to manage its products

100% remote control

To preserve the elegance and finesse of our products, no control screen is available on the product.

Only a start and fitting button are present.
To control your products, nothing could be simpler, go to the Fogo application, soon available on IOS and Android.

Explanatory diagram of the Fogo's on-board intelligence

Machine Learning

We develop our own artificial intelligence embedded in each of our products in order to reduce unnecessary energy consumption as much as possible and heat your interior with the right consumption required.

Our system works with our sensors, your home automation system and outdoor weather conditions to optimize heating.

Without action on the part of the user, our radiator will regulate your interior comfort for you

Exploded view of fogo 01 with representation of heat flows

Heat transfer

After 2 years of R&D, digital simulations and tests in our Lab° we have developed a design which combines the right ratio between convection and radiation in order to optimize your comfort.

The aim is to overcome the faults of each (absence of inertia, temperature stratification or drying of the air in a room) in order to preserve thermal comfort.

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